Led Lights

Led Lights

The long lifetime of LED LIGHTSmeans you’ll change your bulbs less often. Their energy efficiency means you’ll see the benefits in your wallet as well. LED LIGHTS LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescents while producing the same beautiful warm light you are used to. A LED LIGHTSbulb can last for up to 15,000 hours, which is equal to 15 incandescents. So not only will you have to change fewer bulbs, there will be less waste as a result. Your home is worth investing in – let LED LIGHTS help.

solar panels

Solar panels absorb the sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity or heat. A photovoltaic (PV) module is a packaged, connect assembly of typically 6x10 photovoltaic solar cells. Photovoltaic modules constitute the photovoltaic array of a photovoltaic system that generates and supplies solar electricity in commercial and residential applications. Each module is rated by its DC output power under standard test conditions (STC), and typically ranges from 100 to 365 Watts (W). The efficiency of a module determines the area of a module given the same rated output – an 8% efficient 230 W module will have twice the area of a 16% efficient 230 W module. There are a few commercially available solar modules that exceed efficiency of 22%[1] and reportedly also exceeding 24%.[2][3] A single solar module can produce only a limited amount of power; most installations contain multiple modules. A photovoltaic system typically includes an array of photovoltaic modules, an inverter, a battery pack for storage, interconnection wiring, and optionally a solar tracking mechanism. The most common application of solar panels is solar water heating systems.[4] The price of solar power has continued to fall so that in many countries it is cheaper than ordinary fossil fuel electricity from the grid

solar street light

Solar street lights are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated in the pole itself. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night.



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