Home & office automations

Home & office automations

The technologies which are related to home automation have turned so powerful that they can offer you the benefits of smart homes beyond your imagination. So are you really eager to enjoy an advanced lifestyle, but you have your roots deeply connected to your old house? Now with the help of home automation technology you simply need not to construct all new houses to enjoy the automation technology benefits as the retro fit solutions are ready to renovate your house. Smart Automation will help you in realizing your dreams and imagination with the help of wireless technologies. We offer different types of technologies which includes IR- Infra Red, RF, wireless, Red wave and Zigbee with IR the most economical amongst all these but with the only limitation of access through remote. But with the various wireless options now you simply need not to construct all new houses to enjoy automation technology benefits as retro fit solutions are ready to renovate your house in completely new manner. The new technologies like zigbee available today you can now simply turn your plain old house into completely renovated and highly automated home to live. You can always enjoy the prominent level excellence of technology, luxury and safety with you. It is simply an incredible experience to have wireless devices around you, protecting you against all potential security related threats and enabling you access your house remotely. Remote control devices can be installed in your house without failing its retro appeal. You can always have the interior section finished in smart manner, where automated devices can be fitted in seamlessly. Security cameras, automatic locks, PLC controlled lighting systems, motion sensors, alarms and more are ready to revamp entire interior and exterior appeal of your old house and turn it into new one smartly. Hence, you can live the luxury, without getting away from your roots


How Smart Is Your Home?

What if all the devices in your life could connect to the Internet? Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, door bells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, you name it. And what if those devices could all communicate, send you information, and take your commands? It's not science fiction; it's the Internet of Things (IoT), and it's a key component of home automation and smart homes. Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automating the ability to control items around the house—from window shades to pet feeders—with a simple push of a button (or a voice command). Some activities, like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim, are simple and relatively inexpensive. Others, like advanced surveillance cameras, may require a more serious investment of time and money. There are many smart home product categories, so you can control everything from lights and temperature to locks and security in your home. Here's a rundown of the best products we've tested for every room of the house.


Everyone can benefit from door automation as it is a convenient entrance system when your hands are full. People who benefit most are parents with small children, busy restaurants, shop doorways, the elderly and carehomes. Having an automated entrance system is an ideal solution for disabled people, as wheelchair users can find opening doors especially awkward. We fully understand the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) and ensure that our automated entrance systems are fully compliant with these specifications.


No need to pull on heavy or hard-to-reach curtains. No more cables to operate or strings that get tangled up! Relax and let the motors do the work for you.
Add class and elegance to your room by installing the Glydea motorized track for your curtains. With smooth quiet operation and favorite position memory, your room will be perfect every time.
Program your motorized curtains to automatically close at dusk as you switch on your lights. No more running around at night closing curtains to avoid nosy neighbors or streetlight glare.


Smart lighting adds elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home. Make your house appear occupied while you are away. Raise or dim any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch or using just your voice. Or have your lighting respond automatically to how you live. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.


Keep your projector hidden when it is not in use with any of our quality projector lifts. Conceal your projector in the ceiling, a wall or even a desk or cabinet, we have a solution to fit any room or project.


Your projection screen can be hidden into its own wall or ceiling enclosure when not in use. A Sonesse 50 or LT50 motor will ensure all functions can be performed at the touch of a button. Retract your motorized screen at the touch of a button to increase your living space when not in use.


• Counts New ₹2000, ₹500 Denomination - No Update Req.
• Accurate Detection of Super Fake notes in Rs.1000, 500, 100 denom
• UV, IR, I-Scan Detection with LED Indicator
• Chipset Upgradation facility
• Preferred by India's Top Banks, Corporate, Small Medium Business owners


A paper shredder is a mechanical device used to cut paper into either strips or fine particles. Government organizations, businesses, and private individuals use shredders to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents.


We are leading Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters & dealers for Fake note detector in India. The counterfeit money could potentially cost the business hundreds and possibly thousands of rupees. The improved printing technology has to an increase in high quality counterfeit banknotes. Maxsell TRUSCAN works by using advanced technology in counterfeit detection to alert fraudulent money.


Video door-phone (also known as video door entry or video intercom) is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building (residential complex, detached family home, workplace, etc.) with access controlled by audiovisual communication between the inside and outside. The main feature of video door entry is that it enables the person indoors to identify the visitor and, if (and only if) they wish, engage in conversation and/or open the door to allow access to the person calling.


Keyless Door Locks

No more worrying about keys! Weiser's keyless door locks make getting into and out of your home simple, quick and secure. Using our convenient keyless technology all you need to do is punch in your code or with Weiser Kevo using your Iphone and the door unlocks. You can assign guest codes and be alerted when someone is trying to guess your code.


There are various technologies for an automatic boom barrier. One of them is electro-mechanical, which is widely used due to its reliability. The other technologies are often manufacturer specific. These electro-mechanical device comes with 24VDC drive unit which can run continuously without generating heat, so electro-mechanical boom barriers can be operated continuously and in an intensive duty cycle.


Display has been in use for statistics and numbers With voice and strobe light alerts
A combination of infrared sensors and police anti-illegal entry into pedestrian access.
Double anti-clipping function, photocell anti-clipping and mechanical anti-clipping
The barrier can be set to delay closing in 1 ~ 60s after a valid card reading
Single passage in the set direction
Bi-directional single passage
Plastic toughened glass
Always free or locked


A turnstile, also called a baffle gate or turnstyle, is a form of gate which allows one person to pass at a time. It can also be made so as to enforce one-way traffic of people, and in addition, it can restrict passage only to people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or similar. Thus a turnstile can be used in the case of paid access (sometimes called a faregate or ticket barrier when used for this purpose), for example to access public transport, a pay toilet, or to restrict access to authorized people, for example in the lobby of an office building.


Automatic retractable or automatic telescoping bollards are used in high traffic areas. ... Our bollards can raise or lower on command in 3 to 5 seconds. The Automatic bollards we use are Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electronic Piston Drive Systems.


A camera based parking guidance system from Park Assist serves to reduce frustration for your parkers while providing a high tech experience. Park Assist is a price sensitive manufacturer and provider of parking guidance system technology that competes with ultrasonic and other camera-based solutions with superior advanced technology. Park Assist systems drive greater performance, increased revenue, better efficiency, increased security, safety, an elevated parker experience and ROI. Our systems help to provide vehicle information to the operator in both parking garages and outdoor car parks. The markets we help include shopping and retail centers, mixed use facilities, airports, hospitals, casino and gaming facilities, colleges and universities, corporate campuses, citywide guidance, architects, consultants, engineers and parking system integrators.


njoy the convenience of opening your gate without going near the gate! Battery operated remote controlled automatic gate motor! Do you want to open and close your gate at the touch of a button? While staying inside the comfort of your home or in your car, do not bother to say “OPEN SEASAM” like Alibaba said – just gently push the button on the remote – your gate is opened! The gate closes automatically once the person or vehicle gets in or out. Make your home safe and secure! Prevent unauthorized entry! Add some comfort into your life style! No more getting wet in the rain to open up and close your gate! Open up your gate for your visitor even if you are in the bedroom, kitchen, or upstairs- with just the push of button in your hand! Why waste your valuable time running down the stairs to open up your gate!
Major Advantages of the Gate Motor.
If you drive your own vehicle, you do not need to get out of your car or go near the gate to open and close. Push of a button does the job for you! If you are a busy housewife, you do not need to get out of the comfort of your home to open up the gate for your visitor! In rain or sunshine – you do not need to walk to the gate to open up the gate. The little remote can work as far as 300 feet away from the gate! Enjoy and make life a little more comfortable for you and your family! Remember you only live once! No more hooting the car horn and waiting desperately outside the gate for someone else to come to your rescue to open up the gate for you to get into your own home! A must for the women, elderly and the wheel chair bound person! Once a gate motor is installed – your gate is electronically locked all the time. No one can forcibly open the gate manually to enter your premises. No more walking to the gate to lock or unlock the gate! The system operates with battery and no electricity is required. Whenever electricity is available, it charges the small battery, which is hidden inside the Motor. Alternately, the battery can also be charged with solar power! Your home becomes completely secure and safe! No one gets inside your property without your knowledge or permission! The gate motor takes control of your home! We do install motors for sliding, swing, roller shutters and garage doors.



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